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Knockleith Eureka


Knockleith Eureka


Shingle Hall Senator


Shawhill Subrina

Bay colt

born April 2007

Knockleith Eureka, aka 'Dudley', was ranked the highest placed yearling when he was presented as a yearling for the 2008 Bailey's Horse Feeds/BEF Futurity Young Horse Evaluations in all disciplines with an overal score of 9.09 and was awarded a First Premium Elite.

The judges were extremely impressed with his athleticism where they commented that he was 'extremely athletic in all paces' giving him a 9.5.  They said his conformation was 'clean, dry and of correct proportion' with a score of 9.75.  His correctness of paces gained him 9.75 and type and temperament he scored a 9.5 stating he was 'top class 4* potential'!

Qualified for The Futurity Elite Championship Show 2008.

Congratulations to owner Mandy - we look forward to hearing of more success in the future

Knockleith Eureka by Shingle Hall Senator
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