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Terms and Conditions


  • All visiting mares to be wormed on arrival and regularly thereafter unless on a specific worming programme, then it is the owner's responsibility to inform the stud when the mare is due to be wormed.
  • A negative CEM certificate must be brought to stud with your mare unless she is to be swabbed at stud, together with an EVA tested negative certificate (unless EVA vaccinated).
  • All passports or identity documents must be brought to stud.
  • NFFR - No Foal Free Return.  If the mare is not scanned in foal by October 1st she will be eligible for a free return the following season.  Free return does not include livery or vets fees.  Substitution of mare/stallion available on request.  Free returns must be taken the following season.
  • Shingle Hall Stud reserves the right to refuse any mare arriving in poor condition or deemed unfit for breeding.
  • Restraints such as a twitch and bridle will be used at the discretion of the stud groom.
  • Livery charges are in respect of feed and accommodation.  Supplementary feeding, blacksmith, vet etc. are not included.  Any mares or foals which the stud feels need supplementary feeding will be fed and owners charged accordingly.  Any mares, especially those with foals at foot, which the stud consider need stabling due to adverse weather conditions though normally at grass, will be stabled and the owner charged accordingly.
  • In the event of a mare or foal requiring veterinary assistance, this will be summoned at our discretion although every effort will be made to contact the owner.  Mares will be under the supervision of the stud's Veterinary Practice.  I agree to allow Shingle Hall Stud's staff to administer treatment prescribed by the veterinary surgeon to my mare.
  • It is in the interest of the owner to vaccinate their mare against flu and tetanus and to have them insured.
  • Stud accounts must be settled before the mare leaves the stud.  There are no exceptions.
  • It is requested that all mares should be sent having recently been attended to by the farrier, hind shoes can be removed at stud but all mares will be stabled until farrier is present.  Mares will be treated by our farrier when deemed necessary and will be charged to the owner accordingly.
  • Whilst we take every care and attention that the mare will receive every possible care, attention and supervision, no responsibility whatsoever can be accepted for accident or disease and mares can only be taken on this understanding.
  • All mares are scanned/served/inseminated at their owner's risk and Shingle Hall Stud accepts no responsibility for injury, damage or loss caused through any of these procedures.
  • Shingle Hall Stud have the right to artificially inseminate any mare if it is in the best interest of the mare/stallion.  Insemination will only be carried out by an approved AI Technician.
  • The mare must be sent to stud with a correctly fitting head collar and any rugs/equipment should be clearly marked with owner's name.  The stud cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any items left at the stud.
  • All cheques to be made payable to Mrs K Phillips.
  • Covering certificates will only be issued when all stud and veterinary accounts are cleared.
  • Mares are able to leave the stud after 28 days heartbeat scan.  If the mare is removed before the final heartbeat scan it is the owner's responsibility to arrange to have the mare scanned at home.